Silvermile Launches SPACE 2020 on AppStores

Silvermile Launches SPACE 2020 a Mobile Game Space Tournament for iPhone and Android


About SPACE 2020

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The Space 2020 mission travels through blackholes, where reality twists and bends, in search to discover the secrets of space, but beware… unexpected challenges have been forecast.

Build your space suit stronger to fly to the edge of the universe to be one of the first ones to score 2020.

Space 2020 is now exclusively available on the mobile platforms and will soon expand into a first person virtual reality experience. Space 2020 will soon feature the newest and most advanced in-game social messaging, challenging and sharing capabilities.

Take a break from Pokemon and take on this challenge to score 2020 and go where no man has gone before with the highest score!



  • Fly through space and beat the crushing dangers to collect superior rewards that will leave you hungry for more
  • Unlock new space cadets with new and stronger skills to help you beat your scores
  • Easy and fun to play, hard to master and become a winner
  • Challenge your friends to beat your score!





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